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Who, What and Why


We are sisters that are “same, same, but different” in so many ways (Creatively, Musically, and in our personalities) and I am thankful to God for a partner in my sister because of how we balance each other out and the areas where one of us is weak, the other is strong!

HADASSAH – New Mum, Artist on a whimsy, Extremely Excitable, ENFP

TALITHA – Perfectionist, Pianist, Occasional Misfit, ISFJ

HOW WE STARTED ( In Hadassah's Words)

How do we go about this? I started making jewelry because I have loved creating every since I was a young girl. My doors were covered in Magazine cut outs. My jeans were made into skirts, and every loose bead or ribbon that came with a gift; I kept – because anything could always be made into something.

 Over the course of discovering who God has made me to be and the gifts that he has placed within me, I studied Mass Communications and subsequently went into the financial services industry for a few years. I loved it because I loved my customers. I loved the people part of it all and I felt like I had learned a lot but it didn’t make me feel truly alive because I wasn’t using my hands to make anything.

In 2008 I met an incredible man and we married young. He had one more year in school left so I quit my job and moved to New York City with him. It was there that I was free to feed my creativity. I would visit fleamarkets and just roam the streets of New York and found things like vintage brooches and trinkets that have now become the focal points of our statement pieces.

My husband and I moved back to Singapore and I opened a small boutique on Haji Lane in Sep 2009. It was there that I made lasting friendships with customers and got to see Hadasity evolve into what it is today. My sister Talitha was teaching music at that time but joined me to help with the business. We decided to take the business online after a year in the physical store and have been doing all aspects of the business from hand-making each and every piece of jewelry to packing the orders and writing our customers card of blessings which have been one of the reasons we love doing what we do. It was during this time that we had both encountered the love of God and developed a real relationship with Jesus and it has really changed the way we do life and see our business. I wrote all about it HERE

It is funny how life turns out, but eventually because of my husband’s job, I relocated to New York again in 2014 and now am making the jewelry out of New York, though Hadasity is still based in Singapore. It has been challenging to say the least, especially since I now have a baby girl and am a new mom, but we’ve grown so much in so many ways and have eventually realigned ourselves with the reason we create and why we keep doing what we do. Which brings me to this point….. YOU.


We know that a girl can’t have too many accessories, but why another necklace, why another bangle, why contribute to the more “stuff” that’s already out there in the world? What is our purpose, what is our WHY?

We see our pieces as art, created from our soul with the intention to bless you. 

We pray that our one of a kind pieces make you feel special, because you are the only one in the whole wide world wearing it. It was made for you.

We believe in empowering impoverished women and children and we acknowledge that this business – the creativity for the jewelry and the favour with our customers all comes from GOD and we honour HIM by partnering with ROWAN ( Rural Orphans, Widows, AIDS Network) in sponsoring women and children and donating 10% of our revenue to this cause.

We pray that Hadasity brings you hope, joy, peace and many beautiful memories. We pray that when you wear Hadasity, you will encounter love. We hope that somehow, the stories we tell with each piece we make, connect with you in a way that art does.

 YOU are our WHY and HE is our HOW.